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At MindCoach Consulting, we take pride in offering a holistic approach to organizational development. Our dedicated Technical Services and Skills Development Unit serves as your strategic partner, providing a diverse array of consultation services and skills development programs. From fostering a culture of effective communication, emotional intelligence, and mindset mastery through our comprehensive soft skills training to fine-tuning your organization’s strategic vision with expert technical consultation services, we stand committed to shaping a dynamic, resilient, and high-performing environment. Partner with us to navigate the complexities of both soft skills and technical aspects, empowering your team to thrive and excel in today’s competitive landscape.

Welcome to MindCoach Consulting; Where Growth Meets Guidance

Our collective vision is to empower individuals and businesses to unlock their purpose, discover profound meaning in their endeavors, and achieve holistic success. We understand that a purpose-driven mindset is the catalyst for transformative change. Whether it’s fostering individual career growth, nurturing business development, or cultivating personal growth.


Founded in 2016, MindCoach Consulting emerged as a beacon of change. Born from the visionary spirit of Tonito Samuel, our journey began with a commitment to instilling a game-changing mindset that transcends careers, businesses, and personal lives


At MindCoach, we specialize in strategy development, training, business advisory, and mentorship, offering a comprehensive suite of services aimed at unlocking unparalleled success. Our evolution has been fueled by a passion for reshaping mindsets and fostering a culture of innovation.

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Our Team

With over two decades of expertise in public speaking and a distinguished global business coach, Tonito Samuel is the driving force behind MindCoach Consulting. His visionary leadership and wealth of experience make him a trusted guide for individuals and businesses seeking transformative change. Tonito brings a game-changing mindset to every engagement, inspiring clients to reach new heights.

Tonito Samuel

Principal Consultant

As the Senior Lead Engagement Officer, Thabiso Leshoai brings a wealth of experience to MindCoach Consulting. His role involves spearheading client engagements with a focus on delivering impactful solutions. Thabiso’s dedication to excellence and strategic thinking contributes to the success of our engagements, making him an integral part of the MindCoach team.

Thabiso Leshoai

Senior Lead Engagement Officer

Lydia Olose plays a pivotal role at MindCoach Consulting as the Administrator and Client Service Engagement Lead. Her meticulous organizational skills and commitment to exceptional client service make her an invaluable asset. Lydia ensures that the administrative aspects run seamlessly, while her engaging approach fosters strong client relationships.

Lydia Tonito-Samuel

Administrator & Client Service Engagement Lead

Our Clients